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About The Plaques

How are the plaques made?

It’s Magic! Our digital graphics are reproduced with photo-lab quality dye sublimation inks that are printed and pressed on a metal plate. The metal plate is then adhered to a wooden plaque.

How do the plaques react to sunlight?

Over extended periods of time, the plaques will have limited color-fastness when exposed to direct sunlight.

How durable is the plaque?

The image surface is scratch, soil and water resistant.

Is there a difference in the quality of the web page graphic compared to the actual plaque?

Yes. The resolution is higher (300 DPI) on the actual plaques than on the web page (72 DPI).

Domes And Labels

How many lines of copy can I put on a label?

It all depends on the character height. Ideally, 1-4 lines is best.

What color are the labels on my plaque?

Each plaque has a label made specifically for that plaque. You can see the label on the picture of each plaque on the website. Hover over the label and it will enlarge for better viewing.

Can I order white labels?

White labels are available for sale in the accessories.

How do I know if I have the right labels for my printer?

The laser labels have 20 labels and the inkjet labels have 16.

Will the domes yellow over time?


What if I need more labels or domes?

Additional labels and domes are available for sale under accessories.

Can I remove a dome and label after I put it on the plaque?

Although you need to be quite careful of bending the edges, you can pick up a label and dome and straighten it or place it in another location.


What is vector art?

Vector graphics are generated by illustration software (Adobe Illustrated, Corel Draw to name the more common ones) that can be scaled, rotated, moved or otherwise manipulated to any degree without loss of quality.

How should I submit my vector artwork?

Acceptable files are .AI, .CDR, .EPS

Can I provide the art for my own entire background?

Yes. Call or email and we will give you instructions and pricing.

Can I use other’s logos and/or trademarked designs?

Only if you have the permission from the owner of the trademark.

May I use other’s quotations on my plaque?

Yes, but please give credit to the writer whenever possible.


Will I have an opportunity to proof the plaque before it is made?

Absolutely. We always send a proof for your final approval.

Can I make changes?

Please indicate any changes on the proof form. Once the proof is corrected, our art team will send you a second proof.


What if I am not pleased with my plaque?

We’re hoping that through the proofing process that you will find any changes that you would like to make before we send the plaque to you. If, for any reason you are not pleased with your order you can return the plaques for a full 100% return of your money.

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